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Access to Customers
Pilot and validate your tech with major resources customers. You will pitch to several industry leaders every week, growing your network, and preparing you for growth.
Best Mentors in Industry

The Unearthed mentor network has the experience and skills to assist startups to thrive and flourish in the international resources sector. They are senior leaders in major resources companies, entrepreneurs who have built global technology businesses, and venture capitalists that know how to assist companies to scale.

Global Network

Access our global network of industry partners, startup founders, and investors. We've built the energy and resources industry's largest innovation community. We work with senior industry leaders and innovators in Africa, Europe, South America, North America, and Australia. We can connect you to investors and funds that understand the unique needs of your business.

Michelle Ash

Accelerator Alumni

Some of the startups who have participated in the Unearthed Accelerator include:

"If you are trying to do something that is a little bit unusual or niche in the resources and mining sector, Unearthed is hands down the only Accelerator in the world which is suited to you."

Alex Moss

Co-founder, Canaria and Unearthed Accelerator Alumna

Alex Moss

"None of this could have been achieved without the huge effort and support from Unearthed. In the early days, the capital and mentorship enabled us to focus ourselves on identifying the right problems. The support network of champions and advisors enabled us to take control over other measures, and finally, and most importantly, the morale and emotional support that the team gave us throughout the journey, especially through the hard times was critical."

Simon Vincent

Co-Founder, Newton Labs and Unearthed Accelerator Alumnus

Newton Labs at Demo Day

"The Accelerator itself has had a number of benefits for us. It has been an awesome opportunity for our mentors to engage and energise as a development activity. It has helped us make connections internally. Sometimes the products that were less suited to our upstream business were better suited to our energy markets business. It has provided us access to new ideas."

Felicity Underhill

General Manager, Strategy and Execution, Origin

Felicity Underhill

"The Unearthed Accelerator challenged us to take a step back and look at the core principles of our service, and then apply that to other industry verticals. So, since starting the program we have delivered projects within the oil and gas sector overseas in Papua New Guinea, and we are receiving a lot of inbound inquiries from international resources companies who are wanting to work with us, which is exciting."

Lachlan Crane

Co-founder, SiteSee and Unearthed Accelerator Alumnus

SiteSee at Demo Day

"When we looked at the various industry applications of our tech, we saw an opportunity in the comparatively shorter path to market in the resources sector. We are really excited to be working with Unearthed, as in London there aren’t many mining companies. The access to industry that Unearthed can provide in Australia is paramount."

Dr. Rob Finean

Co-Founder, Canaria and Unearthed Accelerator Alumnus

Rob and Alex

Hear directly from alumni, mentors, and industry partners

Watch these videos from programs in previous years.


Bill Withers. Lead Mentor


Alex Moss, Co-founder, Canaria


Simon Vincent, Co-founder, Newton Labs

Program Summary

2017 Demo Day

Industry Partner

Felicity Underhill, GM Strategy Execution, Origin

Mentor Network

Just some of the more than 50 incredible individuals helping energy and resources tech startups to succeed.

Paul Moynagh

Founder and CEO, Commit.Works

Dom Collins
Founding Partner, Global Integrated Operations; Former Manager Projects Integrated Operations Mines, BHP Billiton
Dave Palmer

Head of Technical, Anglo American

Sarah Ryan

Non-exec Director, Woodside; Non-exec Director Viva Energy; Former Director, Equity Investments, Earnest Parnters

Brad Parsons

Founder and CEO, Movus

Leigh Staines

GM Business Optimisation, Rio Tinto

Larry Lopez

Director, Accelerating Commercialisation, Australian Government; Partner, Australian Venture Consultants

Suzie Law

Project Manager and Trials Lead, Origin Energy

Steve Baxter

Queensland Chief Entrepreneur; CEO, Transition Level Investments; Founder, River City Labs

Picture of Michelle Merriman

Innovation and Transformation Portfolio Manager, Origin Energy

Picture of Kirsten Rose

Principal, Low Emissions Technology, BHP Billiton; Former WA State Manager, Australian Institute of Company Directors

Bill Withers

Lead Mentor, Unearthed Accelerator; Entrepreneural Leader, ADAPT By Design; Former Managing Director, acQuire Technology Solutions


Applications for our next program open soon!

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