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Online competitions are industry sponsored challenges open to developers, engineers, innovators and problem solvers from around the world. Industry data and problems are hosted through our website and participants compete to create optimal solutions and prototypes. Competitors receive feedback throughout the process allowing them to refine their algorithms and designs.

Shield-X Challenge
What are they?

Online competitions are industry sponsored challenges open to developers from around the world. We partner with an industry sponsor with a particular problem, you provide the best solution.


Cash prizes are awarded to the top entries. The 2016 Phase-X Online Challenge attracted $50,000 in prize money.


Online Competitions aim to improve the overall efficiency in the resources sector by open-sourced problem solving.

Goldfields Ore-X Challenge

The Ore-X Challenge in 2015 attracted 275 competitors from 20 countries. Participants created ore-grade prediction algorithm that could classify material in a gold mine. The algorithms produced were as accurate as geologists at classifying the data provided and were much faster. For more information, check out the Case Study or Press Release.

Gold Fields Ore-X Challenge Page