Hackathons: From Idea to Prototype in a Weekend

Unearthed hackathon events are unique 54-hour long activities focused on the resources sector. Software developers, designers, and industry insiders will come together to develop prototype solutions to resources sector problems. Unearthed participants will have a chance to work on proprietary industry data as well as data from our government partners.

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What is a Hackathon?

Software developers, designers and industry insiders come together to develop prototype solutions to real-world resources sector problems in just a weekend.


Thousands of dollars of prizes and other awards will be up for grabs. Prizes provide initial reward to top teams, those who progress further open up future opportunities


Work with other top developers. Collaborate with subject matter experts and leaders from industry. Insights from the field will help you build a solution with real impact.

Hackathon Program

Each year Unearthed sets a global program to drive and accelerate innovation in the resources sector. This program comprises Hackathon events that are aimed at feeding the beginning of a community focused on delivering innovation. The Unearthed Hackathon will continue to provide an initial touch point at which resource companies can come to engage with top software developers, data scientists, designers, engineers and other similarly skilled innovators. For participants in the hackathon, the opportunities are massive. Prototypes built at an Unearthed hackathon are wholly owned by the team, providing those individuals with a starting ground to progress onto stages such as startup foundation or product commercialisation, amongst other opportunities.

Who Should Participate?

Innovator tickets are for those who will be active participants in the innovation events. If you are a coder, data scientist, designer, engineer or have a passion for building new technology in the resource industry and are keen to get building, this is for you. If you are nontechnical we recommend coming along as an event observer or partnering up with technical individuals beforehand.


Want to come along to watch the magic as it happens? The prime time for observers will be Friday night during event kick off and Sunday evening for presentations and prizes.

Event Schedule
  • 5 pm Event Registration
  • 6 pm Welcome & Key Note Speakers
  • 7 pm Intros, Rules, Prizes & Launch
  • 7:30 pm Lets get coding!
  • 12 am Doors close for the evening

  • 8 am Doors Open & Breakfast
  • 12 pm 1 min Status Updates & Lunch
  • 2 pm Call for Industry Support
  • 7 pm Last Status Update & Dinner
  • 12 am Doors close for the evening

  • 8 am Doors Open & Breakfast
  • 12 pm All Teams to Receive Pitch Coaching
  • 2 pm Finalize Prototypes
  • 4 pm Submission Deadline for Projects
  • 5 pm Pitches Start!!
  • 7 pm Judging & Prize Awards
Please note that times vary at each Hackathon. Contact Unearthed for precise times.