Komatsu: Transform Mining

Thank you everyone for joining us!

Congratulations to winners: PETRA Data Science, Canaria (Team Ad Hoc), InDiMin, Modulr Tech

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What is the opportunity?

Calling all Startups and Innovators
Komatsu are looking for startups and entrepreneurs with impactful technologies, to collaborate with and support the ongoing development of their IP. At the end of the weekend one team will win a trip to one of Komatsu’s global sites, relevant to their technology. $10,000 in cash prizes is also up for grabs. You retain all your IP.

Understand your customer
Throughout the weekend Komatsu will be presenting 4 major problems they are facing. Mentors and personnel from across the business will provide deep insights into their current operations, technology gaps, implementation and integration, and future vision.

Pitch your product or tech
At the start of the weekend you’ll pitch your current product or technology. Receive in-depth, honest feedback from Komatsu on how this might integrate with their current and future vision.

Prototype your engagement
This is a hackathon with a twist! Over the weekend, the prototype you’ll be working on is your engagement model. This is your chance to show how your technology can impact Komatsu’s business and what you need to achieve that. Constant engagement throughout the weekend with Komatsu mentors and business experts will provide you with all you need to plan your implementation, integration, site trials and business plan.


Dates: February 23rd – February 25th 2018

Event Summary
On Friday afternoon you will bring your existing product/business model to pitch to Komatsu. Over the weekend you’ll work to tailor your product to Komatsu’s needs and get feedback/validation as you go. Not everyone is a winner, but this is an invaluable exercise for those who want to test their market. By Sunday night you will be ready to pitch your engagement model to Komatsu and the top team will be off to work out implementation at a mining site.

Challenge 1: Communications and Localisation

Get machine data from underground to surface and achieve positioning in non-GPS environments

Challenge 2: Realtime Material Characterisation

How can you evaluate the quality of materials in realtime?

Challenge 3: Ground Engaging Tools (GET)

Detect and track missing bucket teeth

Challenge 4: Efficient Ore Extraction

How can you efficiently take out valuable ores from the ground?

Event Schedule
  • 2 pm Tech checks
  • 3 pm Pitch to Komatsu
  • 5 pm Drinks & networking
  • 6 pm Keynotes, elevator pitches, Komatsu mining vision
  • 7 pm Dinner & networking
  • 10 pm Doors close

  • 8 am Doors open
  • 9 am Challenge deep dives
  • 12 pm 1-on-1 sessions commence (ongoing)
  • 6 pm Dinner & fireside chat (Modulr Tech & Kelvin Inc.)
  • 12 am Doors close

  • 8 am Doors open
  • 9 am Pitch coaching & feedback
  • 9 am Final checks
  • 2 pm Final pitches
  • 5 pm Awards
  • 7 pm Event concludes
Silicon Valley’s Skycatch soars to new heights with Komatsu

Silicon Valley startup, Skycatch, has been partners with Komatsu since 2015. Watch to hear about the benefits of their partnership and tips on how you can start the same journey at Komatsu: Transform Mining 2018.

Who Should Participate?
Startups & Entrepreneurs

Komatsu: Transform Mining is open to anyone but we encourage startups, entrepreneurs, and researchers ready for collaboration and for continued development of their products to apply. If you’re a startup, this might be your big break or opportunity to access a new industry.


Want to come along to watch the magic as it happens? The prime time for observers will be Friday night during event kick off and Sunday evening for presentations and prizes.

Event Details

River City Labs Google Maps
  • 23 – 25 February, 2018

    Komatsu: Transform Mining kicks off on Friday evening with an opening presentation, an introduction to the challenges, and then the fun begins! Teams are hard at work well into the night on Saturday and most of Sunday. Sunday evening brings judging and the much-anticipated awards ceremony.

  • in River City Labs

    Komatsu: Transform Mining will be held in River City Labs, located in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley.

  • Big opportunities

    Creativity. Ideas. Code. Fun. Quality food and drinks provided.


The top teams will compete to win cash, credits, and glory!

1st Prize

$5000 Innovation voucher
+ all expenses paid trip to Komatsu site

+ $3000 AWS credits

2nd Prize


+ $2000 AWS credits

3rd Prize


+ $1000 AWS credits

Huge opportunity for startups

Komatsu wants to advance your tech with you. Are you ready for the challenge? Jump on this opportunity as this could be your first key client!

Deep Industry Challenges

Large resource industry challenges to be opened. These will be supported data sets from industry. What will you build?

Experts on hand

Collaborate with senior personnel from Komatsu and refine your product or prototype solution. Insights from the field will help you build a solution with real impact.


Neville Plint

Prof Neville Plint

Sustainable Minerals Institute

Maria Joyce

Maria Joyce

Strategy & Business Development, MEC Mining

Ryoichi Togashi

Ryoichi Togashi

Technology & Innovation,

Brad Neilson

Brad Neilson

Komatsu Mining

Yuichiro Yoshinari

Yuichiro Yoshinari

Assitant VP, Mitsubishi Corp,
Silicon Valley branch

Leigh Staines

Leigh Staines

Business Optimisation Lead – PACE Consulting
Rio Tinto

Keynote Speakers

Brad Neilson

Brad Neilson

Komatsu Mining

Takashi Ishihara

Takashi Ishihara

Deputy GM,
Mining Product Planning Development,

Ryoichi Togashi

Ryoichi Togashi

GM –
Technology & Innovation,

Peta Tilse

Peta Tilse

Sophisticated Access


Lucas van Latem

Lucas van Latem – Challenge 1 Lead

Director of Product Strategy, Modular Mining Systems

Atsunori Kikuchi

Atsunori Kikuchi – Challenge 2 Lead

Assistant Chief Engineer, Development Division, Technology Innovation Centre, Komatsu

Keith Aug

Keith Aug – Challenge 3 Lead

Design Engineer,
New Product Development, Hensley Industries

Tomoaki Haga

Tomoaki Haga

Assistant Chief Engineer,
Technology and Innovation,

Simon Cohn

Simon Cohn

MEC Mining

Takuma Nakamura

Takuma Nakamura

Development Engineer, Development Division,
Technology Innovation Centre, Komatsu

Koichi Kawamura

Koichi Kawamura

Office of CTO,

Holly Bridgwater

Holly Bridgwater

Industry Lead –

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*What is 1st Prize?

The innovation voucher is valued at $5000 for you to use on product development in consultation with Komatsu. You will retain all IP for this. 1st prize also includes an all expenses paid trip to a Komatsu site.

Can I participate as an individual? I don’t have a team, but still wish to come along, can I do so?

We recommend that you work as a team at Komatsu: Transform Mining, as Komatsu are looking to engage with companies of relevant tech and to support the development of their product.

I won’t be able to make it for the full weekend, can I still come?

If you are unable to make one of the days/nights, that’s OK. Just let us know or let your team members know beforehand. If you haven’t formed a team yet and cannot make the Friday night, drop us an email and we’ll try to put you in a team so that you’re ready on Saturday.

What is the cost? And what does it involve?

Innovator tickets are for the full weekend. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, multiple coffees and drinks all weekend!
Discounted tickets are available for students who wish to take part. Email for more information.

When will the challenges be released? Can we start working earlier?

Challenges Titles will be released the week before the event.

Who owns what we make at the event?

You do.
All teams retain full ownership of what is created during the event. (*barring any prior agreements you might have with employers, universities, etc…)