Sydney 2017

Unearthed Sydney is a 54 hour open innovation hackathon event featuring real data and challenges from global leading resource companies. Sydney’s top developers, engineers, data scientists, entrepreneurs and startups will select one of several challenges on offer from the supporting resource companies and come together to build prototype solutions over the course of a weekend. The top teams will be awarded cash prizes, credits and future development opportunities. All teams own 100% of the IP they generate at #UnearthedSydney.

Friday 25th August – Sunday 27th August
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Cash, Glory & Opportunities

Thousands of dollars of cash prizes, credits, future opportunities and other awards on offer to the top 3 teams! Yes that’s right – the top 3 teams will all receive prizes!

Global Resources Challenges

Real industry challenges and data sets plus access to insights from the field, from those driving the operations of global resources companies.

Proving Ground for Innovators

Whether you’re one year into programming or CTO of a startup, the Unearthed hackathon opens industry data which provides a platform to test current or develop new solutions.

Event Details

Stone & Chalk
  • 25-27 August, 2017

    Unearthed kicks off on Friday evening with an opening presentation, an introduction to the data and challenges, and a coding kickoff! Teams are hard at work well into the night on Friday & Saturday & most of Sunday. Sunday evening brings judging and the awards presentation.

  • Stone & Chalk

    #UnearthedSydney will take place at a Sydney’s first fintech hub Stone & Chalk, located in the heart of the Sydney CBD.

  • Fully Catered

    Great food and coffee + Lots of data and hacking = good times!


The top teams will compete to win cash, credits, and glory!

1st Prize


+ $3000 in AWS Credits

+ Present at AIMEX Conference

2nd Prize


+ $2000 in AWS Credits

Young Innovator Award


+ $1000 in AWS Credits

People’s Choice Award

Tech Prizes

Who Should Participate?
Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Change Makers

Innovator tickets are for those who will be active participants in the innovation events. If you are a coder, programmer, designer, or data guru keen to get building, this is for you. If you are nontechnical we recommend finding a team ahead of time so as to pair skills.

Event Schedule
  • 5 pm Event Registration
  • 6 pm Launch! Welcomes & Key Note Speakers
  • 6:45pm Challenge intros from mentors
  • 7:00pm Team Forming and data distribution
  • 7:30pm Lets get coding!

  • 8 am Doors Open & Breakfast
  • 9 am Mentor briefings
  • 12 pm 1 min status Updates & Lunch
  • 2 pm Call for Industry Support
  • 6 pm Last Status Update & Dinner

  • 8 am Doors Open & Breakfast
  • 2 pm Finalize Prototypes
  • 3:30 pm Submit on Unearthed Portal
  • 4 pm Presentations Start
  • 7 pm Judging & Prize Awards

Keynote Speakers

More to be announced soon!

Ian Shackleton

Ian Shackleton

Geological Data Services,Boart Longyear

Neil Freeman

Neil Freeman

Manager Innovation, Systems & Innovation, Growth &
Innovation, Rio Tinto


More to be announced soon!
Helen Palmer

Helen Palmer

Senior Manager, Industry Collaborations, NSW Department of Industry

Ian Shackleton

Ian Shackleton

Geological Data Services, Boart Longyear

Neil Freeman

Neil Freeman

Manager Innovation, Systems & Innovation, Growth &
Innovation, Rio Tinto

Expert Mentors

Sam Wilkin

Sam Wilkin

Director Geoscience Information, NSW Dept of Industry

Alan Jones

Alan Jones

Startup Evangelist, BlueChilli

James Alexander

James Alexander

Founder & Program Manager, Incubate

Ian Shackleton

Ian Shackleton

Geological Data Services, Boart Longyear

Peter Kanck

Peter Kanck

Senior Manager, Technology Development and Integration, Boart Longyear

Neil Freeman

Neil Freeman

Manager Innovation, Systems & Innovation, Growth &
Innovation, Rio Tinto

Where to register?

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Unearthed Supporters

Boart Longyear
NSW Government
Knowledge Hubs


Can I come ready as a team? Can I participate as an individual? I don’t have a team, but still wish to come along, can I do so?

We recommend that you work as a team. We have found the most successful team size is between 3 to 4, but teams can be more or less. If you don’t have a team then we’ll help you to form one at the info session or on the opening evening.

When is the Info Session?

The Info Session will take place one week out from the hackathon event. Attend the Info Session to find out about the challenges and everything else you will need to know to prepare yourself for the hackathon. Those that attend the Info Session will get an upper hand on those that don’t *hint hint*.

I won’t be able to make it for the full weekend, can I still come?

If you are unable to make one of the days/nights, that’s OK. Just let us know or let your team members know beforehand. If you haven’t formed a team yet and cannot make the Friday night, drop us an email and we’ll try to put you in a team so that you’re ready on Saturday.

What is the cost? And what does it involve?

Innovator tickets are for the full weekend. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffees and drinks all weekend! It also includes industry mentoring from the resource and mining companies involved and tech startup experts.

When will the challenges be released? Can we start working earlier?

Descriptions of the challenges will be released the week before the event. All code, design and assets must be created during the hackathon or be freely available to the public (open source). Attend the info session prior to the hackathon in order to get prepared.

Who owns what we make at the event?

You do.
All teams retain full ownership of what is created during the event, barring any prior agreements you might have with employers, universities, etc…

What are the types of skills I need to have in my team to succeed at Unearthed?

Unearthed recommends that your team consist of a mix of individuals who each bring different skills to the event. At least one programmer/developer (open source), a data scientist (number cruncher), a designer (can make the tech look amazing) and perhaps an entrepreneur with a business mind who can think of your project in terms of its value and market position. Other backgrounds include engineering and geology, depending on the challenge that your team selects at the event.