Hydro Saver

Reduce water usage in gold processing through tailings density prediction

22 Jan – 19 Feb 2018
Global and online Data Science competition

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Welcome to the first Newcrest Crowd online competition. This one month, global online competition invites data scientists and innovators from around the world to develop a prediction model for tailings density (and therefore water consumption) in Newcrest’s gold processing operations.

Newcrest Crowd is a new and ongoing program to work with the best innovators worldwide and identify, develop and implement new solutions for real-world, multi-million dollar applications. This challenge is the first of an ongoing series of challenges that will open real opportunities in one of the worlds largest industries.

Who can join?

Anyone is invited to participate in this competition. Whether you are working on this alone, as a team, are a student, professional, startup or established business, everyone has the same chance. You need motivation, determination and a willingness to explore a new industry, as well as in-depth data science knowledge.


Compete for cash, glory, and support to develop your solution!

1st Prize

AUD $6000

2nd Prize

AUD $2000

Insights Prize

AUD $2000 (awarded for the best optimisation insights)

Competition Supporters


METS Ignited
Goldfields Ore-X Challenge

The Ore-X Challenge in 2015 attracted 275 competitors from 20 countries. Participants created ore-grade prediction algorithm that could classify material in a gold mine. The algorithms produced were as accurate as geologists at classifying the data provided and were much faster. For more information, check out the Case Study or Press Release.

Gold Fields Ore-X Challenge Page