MineQ Competition

March 2018 Online and In Person

Build industrial IoT apps for the global market

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What is the MineQ Challenge?

Software developers, engineers, designers, and industry insiders will come together to develop industrial IoT based applications and novel solutions for a global market place. With several different challenges on offer from global resources companies, the IoT platform’s flexible, scalable and open architecture ensures the end-to-end handling of data and easy integration of innovative, third party extensions. Unearthed innovators will have a chance to work on and create cutting edge technologies transforming the industrial landscape with significant cash prizes and opportunities up for grabs

How does it work?

The MineQ competition will run for two weeks, online and in person at locations in Perth, Brisbane and Sydney. Developers will get the chance to work closely with mentors from all of the MineQ partners, in person and remotely, to help develop winning prototype solutions.


Compete for cash, glory, and support to develop your solution!

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Goldfields Ore-X Challenge

The Ore-X Challenge in 2015 attracted 275 competitors from 20 countries. Participants created ore-grade prediction algorithm that could classify material in a gold mine. The algorithms produced were as accurate as geologists at classifying the data provided and were much faster. For more information, check out the Case Study or Press Release.

Gold Fields Ore-X Challenge Page