Sydney, Australia
Samaneh Movassaghi received a B.Sc. from University of Tehran in 2009, a Master by Research in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Technology, Sydney in 2012 and a PhD Degree from the Australian National University (ANU) in 2018 and is conducting research in the field of Wireless Body Area Networks which is a subset of IoT. She has authored over 20 research articles with over 800 citations in her research [h-index=10] . Samaneh was recently recognized for cutting edge research on wearable networks (wearables). She was awarded as ICT Student of the year at the Australian Computer Society (ACS) Digital Disruptor Awards in November 2017. She was recently awarded a Google Fellowship in Networking for her PhD reserach in June 2017. Samaneh is selected as one of the seven researchers across Australia’s leading research organizations, CSIRO and NICTA, featured as the CSIROseven campaign ( Such selection was made on a basis of Samaneh’s excellent research outcomes in wearable technology. Samaneh won the 2015 NASSCOM Student Innovation Award for IT-enabled Business Innovation. This award recognizes excellence in the field of Information Technology, which particularly promotes technical innovation and is awarded to one person Australia-wide per year. She has been recently interviewed by various media specifically, SBS and ACS and featured in more than 15 newspapers and magazines Australia-wide, some of which are as follows: The Herald Sun newspaper, Sydney Telegraph, The Australian newspaper, Sunday Style’ magazine, WHO magazine , The Deal, The Australian, In the Black, Virgin – Voyeur, Vice, The Australian Financial Review, etc. Samaneh has also been providing consulting advice for a number of start-ups in e-health, IoT, Cloud Computing and Blockchain named after Metasense, Agate, and Cloud Pioneers.

She has also been actively involved with a number of hackathons where she won the “spirit of healthhack award” from the healthhack hackathon and the 2nd prize at the Unearthed Hackathon in Melbourne 2015. She has also won multiple innovation prizes at research showcases held at ANU, UNSW and UTS in 2017, 2015 and 2014 respectively. Samaneh was also a recipient of multiple scholarships: The University of Technology, Sydney President Scholarship (UTSP), The Australian National University Postgraduate Scholarship Award (APA), and the CSIRO Top-up Scholarship.