Think & Act Differently (TAD) is powered by BHP. TAD provides a unique approach to innovation to attract the best minds from both inside and outside the mining industry and connect dots in new and exciting ways.

Open House Nitrous Lockxide

Next review in 15 days
Can you help us capture and recycle nitrous oxide (NOx) gases from future heap leaching processes?

61 participants

Open House Creative Copper Recovery

Next review in 2 days
Review period almost closed
Can you help us unlock low energy, copper focused metal extraction techniques?

123 participants

Open House Potash drying

Can you improve our potash drying process while reducing emissions?

101 participants

Open House Comminution

Change the way we crush, pulverise and grind rocks for mineral extraction.

146 participants

Open House BioMetals

Shining a light on biotechnology and its potential application within the mining sector

223 participants

Think & Act Differently with Data

Scan to Element Challenge

45 participants

Open House Preconditioning

Reduce energy and support recovery with preconditioning

53 participants

Open House Critical Minerals Extraction

Extract cobalt, rare-earth elements (REE), and molybdenum from copper or nickel deposits​

87 participants

Open House Carbon Economy

Think differently about managing emissions and storing carbon in mining

93 participants

Geoshapes Challenge

Build a machine learning model that can detect and analyse geometric shapes in three-dimensional space from 3D data

8 participants

Open House Slope Engineering

Help us optimise and stabilise the slopes of our operations to enable less material to be moved

33 participants

Open House Material Movement

Help us move materials more efficiently and sustainably

46 participants

Open House In Mine Separation and Pre-Concentration

Help us extract valuable material more precisely and sustainably

37 participants

TAD Open House

Next review in 39 days
You can submit your idea any time

240 participants

Waste to Value

A holistic approach to minimise mine waste and create value.

225 participants

Electric Mine Simulation

Advancing the mining industry towards a zero carbon future.

190 participants

Scalable and Adaptable Mining

Reimagine mining through modular architecture and technology

209 participants

Hydrogen Hypothesis

Safe and Effective Use of Hydrogen in Mining

158 participants

Ingenious Extraction

Finding New Ways to Extract Modern Metals

261 participants