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to transform individuals and communities, to create economic opportunities, and to address global challenges.

Innovators Industry 2018 Accelerator Applications Open!


Unearthed hackathons connect an international community of talented innovators to some of the most exciting challenges faced by industry. Entrepreneurs and innovators come together to work on propriety industry data to develop prototype solutions to resources sector problems.

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Online Competitions

Data scientists and innovators around the world compete to build the best solutions to complex industry problems and win substantial cash bounties. Industry supporters leverage the power of the crowd to source the top algorithms.

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Technology Accelerator

The Unearthed accelerator helps promising founders bring new technology products to global markets. Participating startups receive seed funding, mentorship from industry leaders, and connection to customers. Industry partners have first access to new products that improve efficiency and competitiveness.

Applications for the 2018 program are open.
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Open Innovation Program

Unearthed hackathons and online competitions are aimed at opening up the resource industry’s biggest challenges to create opportunities for digital innovators, entrepreneurs, startup companies and many more. By creating an open collaborative environment we are connecting two different fields of knowledge, skill and ability so as to support the $1 trillion dollars worth of impact poised to hit the resources sector. Unearthed Open Innovation Programs are more than just events, they are a meeting place, a platform to showcase and a driver of cultural change. Our events and competitions have created jobs, stimulated economies and driven efficiency improvement. We are determined to continue providing open opportunities to those outside the industry who bring a new perspective and vision which will drive much of the impact in the future.

Industry Participation

Our industry partners will have a chance to engage with top technical talent from around the world, see multiple prototype solutions to their challenges, and anticipate disruption from new technologies. Industry participation is built into every aspect of the Unearthed program.
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Our Partners

“We recognise that people with no mining or resources experience can bring valuable insights to solving challenges the industry faces. We’re excited to partner with Unearthed to tap into Western Australia’s innovation community in pursuit of more efficient, effective and safer ways to work.”
Graham Reynolds, BHP Billiton Head of Technology WA Iron Ore