ReIMARCable Moments: Unearthing the 2023 Global Innovation Games Panel




By Alexandra Dumas

Shaping the Future of Australian Mining with Global Innovation

At Unearthed, we've always got our tech gears in motion, but the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) 2023 gave us the perfect excuse to let our inner geeks run wild. 

The result? A panel discussion that was nothing short of spectacular. The event brought together a diverse group of industry experts and international companies to explore the theme of "Global Innovation for the Australian Market." Under the guidance of panel host Renee Hakendorf from CORE Innovation Hub, the discussion was a resounding success, featuring dynamic engagement and illuminating insights.

So, join us as we dive into the exciting world of Unearthed IMARC Global Innovation Games Panel!

Diverse Panellists:

Our panel featured a squad of brilliant minds, each representing innovative companies from around the globe. 

Sebastian Kowitz TALPA, Germany 

Meet Sebastian, the brilliant mind behind TALPA, an industrial AI company that's all about predictive analytics applications for heavy industry, including mining. With a wealth of experience in optimising mining operations worldwide, Sebastian's insights are like gold nuggets in the world of industrial AI.

Ammar Alali Eden, USA 

Ammar, the Co-Founder and President of Eden, isn't just changing the game; he's revolutionising it. Armed with a degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a solid background in energy, Ammar's sustainable natural resource recovery technology has the potential to transform the way we extract resources everywhere in the world.

Scott Thomsett Rovjok, Finland

Scott is the mining industry's very own Sherlock Holmes. With over 15 years of experience in finance, mining, and analytics, he's the CEO of Rovjok, a company that shines a light on supply chain intelligence for the mining and metals industry. If you ever need to decode the mysteries of the supply chain, Scott is your go-to guy.

David Lyon Potential Motors/Zero Nexus, Canada 

David Lyon, the President of Potential Motors, isn't here to play small. He represents a dynamic collaboration between Zero Nexus and Potential Motors, and their mission? To advance technology solutions for the mining industry. With a focus on AI, computer vision, and machine learning, David's team is on a quest to make mining smarter, one byte at a time.

These panellists brought more than just expertise to our discussion; they brought the promise of innovation, the power of sustainability, and the potential for groundbreaking change in the mining world.

Dynamic Discussion:

We delved into all the juicy stuff— the panel discussion revolved around several key themes, each sparking dialogue among the participants:

  • Similarities and Differences: Panellists shared their perspectives on the mining industry landscapes in North America/Europe and Australia, highlighting common challenges and unique opportunities.
  • Emerging Technologies: The discussion delved into how emerging technologies successful in various regions could be adapted and applied in the Australian mining context.
  • Collaboration Opportunities: The potential for collaboration between international startups and Australian mining companies was explored, with success stories and challenges discussed.
  • Regulatory and Cultural Considerations: Panellists delved into the regulatory and cultural considerations when implementing foreign technologies in Australia, addressing hurdles and nuances.
  • Benefits of Global Innovation: The tangible benefits of adopting global innovations in the Australian mining context, including enhanced efficiency, sustainability, and safety, were brought to the forefront.
  • Startup Experiences: Each panelist shared their unique experiences as startups entering international markets, highlighting challenges and successful strategies.
  • Sustainability and Environmental Impact: The global emphasis on sustainability was examined, with a focus on how each panelist's technology contributed to more sustainable mining practices and resource recovery.
IMARC 2023: A Great Turnout!

This edition of IMARC welcomed 9,000 attendees from over 120 countries, 600 speakers, and more than 500 exhibitors. It was a spectacular event that showcased the very best of the mining and resources industry. We at Unearthed were thrilled to be a part of this incredible gathering of mining enthusiasts and tech innovators.

Looking Ahead:

As the panel discussion concluded, the emphasis shifted toward fostering future collaborations and interactions among participants, ensuring that the momentum created during the session continues to drive innovation in the Australian mining industry.

The IMARC 2023 panel discussion hosted by Unearthed was undeniably a remarkable gathering of minds, setting the stage for a more innovative and sustainable future in Australian mining.

The year's IMARC may be over, but the energy, ideas, and connections are here to stay. Until next time, may your algorithms be optimised, your resources be abundant, and your tech squad be unstoppable!