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Accelerate capability, efficiency and sustainability in the global mining sector.

For innovators worldwide, Unearthed Challenges present significant opportunities to drive the global transition to sustainable resource extraction and create a future of economic opportunity for many.



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Work with Unearthed to open verified resource sector problems for global innovators & SMEs to solve


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Innovators, startups and suppliers from across the globe regularly contribute in Unearthed’s open innovation challenges to develop the next-generation of capabilities. And over half of the submissions come from outside the mining sector, opening the talent pool even wider to deliver the best possible outcomes.

100+ Industry Challenges
1,000s of Submissions from Innovators, SMEs
10,000s of Innovators
24+ Industry Partners
1,000s of Organizations & Individuals
10+ years of experience
75% Reduced the time to generate quality targets
120 New approaches to exploration developed
Case study

Case Study

Dramatically improve exploration

When OZ Minerals went public with the 1 million dollar Explorer challenge the crowdsourced exploration approaches from across the globe and in the end reduced the time to generate quality targets by more than 75%, while increasing confidence.

We needed to find fresh insights and ways of working smarter with our data. The innovators who participated in the Explorer Challenge have provided approaches to mineral exploration that we never would have imagined internally. Reviewing the diverse range of solutions that have come back from this process has been truly remarkable.

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Andrew Cole

CEO, OZ Minerals