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Build understanding
We bring deep industry domain knowledge to understand the complexities and challenges of your unique problem.


Tailor and deep dive
We look at your problem from every angle and tailor each scan to your strategic needs, leveraging our meticulously curated data, research engine and extensive global ecosystem of capabilities.


Insights and impacts
We collate the most relevant, high-value insights to help you understand and solve your unique challenge, and go deeper to measure the impact of the opportunities.


Deliver and embed
We don’t just deliver. We sit down and review the insights with you. And we’re on hand to support you with further insights should you need them.

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Technical understanding and tailored research

We tailor our best-in-class scanning process to align with your strategic needs.


Detailed global scans to find the optimum path forward

Our insights can save your operation time, resources and risk in implementing critical improvements


Actionable insights that add immediate value

We deliver easy-to-digest insights, ready-to-deploy technologies and immediate added value.

50%+ New Products and Technology Identified
Case study

Case Study

Think Act Differently grows the innovation ecosystem 

Think Act Differently has partnered with Unearthed to grow the global innovation ecosystem and be their open innovation partner since 2018.  Through the use of open challenges, TAD and Unearthed have attracted hundreds of solutions and capabilities to solve mining's hardest challenges and grow the solutions and capabilities in the resource sector.  From those challenges, multiple solutions and projects have kicked off and are delivering results 

What’s clear is that even in areas or subjects we thought we knew a lot about - we’re finding many people we were not aware of who are working on potentially breakthrough technologies. They might also have a different way of looking at a problem we have been trying to solve.

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Katie Hulmes

Head of Think & Act Differently