We believe in the power of entrepreneurship
to transform individuals and communities, to create economic opportunities, and to address global challenges.

Our Team

The founding directors of Unearthed each have had successful careers in the resources industry as well as founding their own tech startups. We are committed entrepreneurs who understand the resources sector first hand.

Unearthed Solutions Staff - Zane Prickett

Zane is a leading contributor to the growing resources innovation community. He is a Founding Director of StartupWA, and a Director of CORE Resources Innovation Hub. Zane also founded two startups focused on the use of large geoscience and operation datasets in Oil & Gas applications. Previously, Zane worked in a variety of roles around the world with Schlumberger.

Unearthed Solutions Staff - Justin Strharsky

Justin is recognized as a leader in technology innovation in the resources industry. His writing on innovation in the resources sector has been published by the Australian Financial Review and the Journal of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Justin previously worked in the Silicon Valley, for both a large network computing company and one of the first companies commercializing artificial intelligence.

Unearthed Solutions Staff - Holly Bridgewater

Holly has over 9 years of experience in the resources sector, as both a geologist and technical manager. She now assists our industry partners to leverage the power of the crowd through international competitions.

Unearthed Solutions Staff - Ben Dougherty

Ben has been writing code and delivering web solutions of all sizes for over 10 years. He is a passionate Open Source contributor and has been recognised as a top contributor to the Drupal project.

Unearthed Solutions Staff - Lizzie Brookman

Lizzie has over 20 years experience as a strategic account manager, looking after customers in the Mining, Retail and Pharmaceutical industries. Lizzie enjoys working with each of our industry partners to engage the Crowd, solve their problems and realise real value for their businesses.

Alexandra Dumas

Alex is French Canadian originally from Québec, Canada and our very own Communications Queen. With diplomas from three different international universities, she brings on a very global knowledge of Business communications and coordination. Her experience in content creation, social media and marketing assist her in reaching out to people like no other. This ‘Quaustralian’ has a particular sweet spot for social interaction, creating connections and supporting businesses. She brings the ‘fun’ in functional!

Kevin Reece

Kevin has 20 years in commercial roles across several industries including mining, oil & gas, construction and retail. He previously founded a startup and also ran a software company prior to its acquisition.

Unearthed Solution Staff - Bill Withers

Bill is founder of both Acquire Technology Solutions and Adapt by Design. His passion is organisational sustainability. Bill is a trusted advisor to many companies, where he helps entrepreneurs and company leaders build sustainable organizations based on adaptive business principles, where fairness to all stakeholders is an aspiration.