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Our Story

Unearthed was born out of challenges the founders experienced as entrepreneurs introducing new products and technology to the resources sector. At Unearthed, we saw a chance to help others overcome the challenges they faced, and to create greater opportunities in the process.

10 years on we are still driven by the opportunity to connect mining and resource opportunities to a global community developing great technologies, solutions, and deliver impact

Unearthed Solutions Staff - Zane Prickett

Zane Prickett


Zane is a leading contributor to the growing resources innovation community, focusing on developing innovation infrastructure with Unearthed and CORE.  Unearthed founded in 2014 is the largest global community of startups, innovators and SMEs making the energy and resources industry more efficient and sustainable.  CORE Innovation Hub established in 2016 is empowering key local innovation infrastructure for the resource sector across Australia. 

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Unearthed Solutions Staff - Justin Strharsky

Justin Strharsky


Justin is recognized as a leader in technology innovation in the resources industry. His writing on innovation in the resources sector has been published by the Australian Financial Review and the Journal of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Justin previously worked in the Silicon Valley, for both a large network computing company and one of the first companies commercializing artificial intelligence.

Unearthed Solutions Staff - Holly Bridgewater

Holly Bridgwater


Holly has a background in geoscience, technology and applied data science, with 15 years experience in the resources sector. Holly has run over 150 innovation challenges as has a passion for building networks and connections on a global scale, to help people come together a solve key problems. She’s a regular mentor and speaker, still loves rocks and is always an explorer at heart.

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Ed Lewis

Ed Lewis

Head of Operations

Ed brings over 15 years of experience in geoscience, technology delivery, and applied data science to the table. He has led multi-million-dollar technology projects in the resources sector, specialising in subsurface characterisation, data, AI and machine learning implementation, and automation solutions. With a track record of successful technology management and product commercialisation, Ed is recognised for his ability to drive innovation and build lasting people relationships.

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Jake Harris

Jake Harris

Lead Research & Innovation Delivery

Jake brings 11 years of frontline mining experience to the team, across both open pit and underground operations. He is passionate about delivering better outcomes for both individuals and businesses within the mining sector. Jake continually engages with, and amplify new technologies across the sector, that can hopefully deliver positive change.

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Alexandra Dumas

Alexandra Dumas

Marketing and Project Lead

Meet Alex, a French Canadian from Québec, Canada who's a true global citizen with a passion for communications. With diplomas in business and management from three international universities, Alex has honed her skills in branding, social media, and marketing. With a particular fondness for social interaction and creating connections, Alex brings the "fun" in functional and supports businesses in their endeavors. Whether it's through collaboration, projects or marketing, Alex's goal is to help businesses grow and succeed in the industry.

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Sam La Macchia

Innovation Engineer

Sam offers the Unearthed team 5 years of on-site experience, specialising in underground operations. With a background in Mining Engineering as a graduate from the WA School of Mines (WASM), Sam has a rich understanding of the mining landscape. He enjoys engaging with innovators and has a strong curiosity about new technology & innovative ideas that can positively impact the mining industry - particularly those necessary for a sustainable future.

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Unearthed was founded in 2014 and since then we have been on a mission to make the resources industry more efficient

And sustainable by creating opportunities to solve challenges in the sector. The impact of our work has resulted in hundreds of challenges solved or advanced through open innovation, the mass creation of economic and commercial opportunities for existing companies, the attraction of thousands of external innovators to be involved in the mining sector, and the creation of dozens of METS startups that were founded to solve mining opportunities.

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