Cape Town, South Africa
I am a Chemical Engineer from the North-West University of South Africa with a demonstrated history of Chemical- and Metallurgical Engineering experience. Currently I am Technical Director at Metal Management Solutions, a technology company specializing in optimizing production data for the industrial industry. As Technical Director, I am managing the metallurgical and implementation teams on site while continually developing our company and technology products.

My history of practical on site experience, puts me in the ideal position to lead our development team in producing practical technology solutions customized to the unique challenges of the metallurgical and chemical processing industry. This experience ranges from operating and managing metallurgical processes, R&D for both mining and agricultural chemicals and plant optimization by means of data analytics. In my current role I also spend regular time on the ground at our client’s sites as a consultant for multiple use cases from cost saving to water optimization.

Despite being an engineer and developing technology products, I am passionate about people and bringing out the highest quality in individuals and I have worked in multiple expat environments and African countries with cultures from all over the world. I also have a strong appetite for entrepreneurship and business management.