Melbourne, Australia
In 2019, C4N Tech was founded on the belief that the future of business will be determined by the ability to innovate rapidly.

We are determined to quickly deploy bespoke business systems that support the ambitions of business stakeholders.

Our mission is to rapidly deploy, scale, partner and innovate with corporations prepared to make changes towards the future.

Relationships succeed by prioritising the needs of the relationship, over the needs of our own. We always seek to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. The way in which we work and provides openness, transparency, agility and enables flexibility.

When we grow, we grow together and we leave no one behind. We prioritise the impacts of change on all of our relationships. We never compromise scale for a product that just works.

We disrupt in a landscape full of risk, and always consider change and invention in parallel with security and support.

We believe in:
- Trust over timelines
- Vision over outcomes
- Respect over relationships
- Communication over reporting
- Rapid innovation