Rapid City, United States
Dr. Matthew Minnick, received his Ph.D. in Geological Engineering with a minor in Computer Science focused on machine learning from the Colorado School of Mines. Dr. Minnick works at RESPEC Inc. where he is focused on geothermal resource development, subsurface flow modeling, micro seismic, mine inflow, and brine disposal. Dr. Minnick is leading a Machine Learning initiative at RESPEC building a team and platforms to better serve our clients. He has successfully applied ML concepts to several projects solving complex correlations and patterns. Examples include application of neural networks to predict salt purity based on geophysical logs, correlation of salt rock mineralogy and textures to geomechancial properties, reinforcement learning applied oil shale basin development, and supervised/unsupervised classification applied to temporal and spatial correlations of micro-siesmic events and injection patterns.