From Prototype to Product in 6 Months. Are you ready?

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Applications for the 2017 Unearthed Accelerator are now open.

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to transform individuals and communities, to create economic opportunity, and to address global challenges.

“Why make bets on individual transformative technologies when you can build an engine that sustainably generates hundreds of them? We like to think that Unearthed is that engine” – Justin Strharsky, Founding Director.

The Unearthed Accelerator facilitates the growth of resources technology startups, by providing them with the support they need to bring their prototypes to market in 6 months.

The mentor-driven program will give entrepreneurs access to:

  • Mining industry mentors
  • Seed funding
  • One-on-one sessions with business specialists
  • Legal advice
  • Startup expertise
  • Vibrant co-working space working alongside others doing great things

Participants will build sustainable businesses with commercially ready products to reach global markets. These innovative technologies and processes will improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the resources industry, and have a significant and measurable impact on mining companies’ bottom lines.

Do you want to be part of making a $1 trillion economic impact on the energy and resources sector with disruptive technologies?

The Australian resources sector is facing significant change to the tune of $100 billion in economic impact from disruptive technologies by 2025. Globally, the impact over this period will be closer to $1 trillion.

If we do not build the capacity to create and support new startup ventures pursuing this opportunity, Australia will lose the opportunity to innovators overseas.

“Through the Unearthed Accelerator, we aim to create 50 new startups in five years. We believe this is the fastest and most cost-effective way to introduce new technologies to the resources sector, as well as the best way to support new resources tech startups” – Accelerator Program Director Kathy Bunce.

Be part of the 50 new startups.  Apply now!

Applications close 26 May, with a start date of 17 July 2017.