Accelerator Mentor Profile: Bill Withers







Bill Withers

Entrepreneurial Leader

ADAPT by Design



  • Founded acQuire, a mining software business in 1996 and grew it into a business operating at 450 sites with 120 staff in 7 offices around the world
  • Founded ADAPT by Design to provide tools to help other growing companies scale sustainably
  • Director, Conscious Capitalism Australia, inspiring Australian Business to be a force for good
  • Mentor, Austmine Innovation Mentoring Program


Bill is passionate about:

  • Organization sustainability: fostering environments where connecting capable people and collaboration are optimized
  • Research and development of ideas and solutions that drive alternative capitalism
  • Product innovation (the lean product concept)
  • Leadership behaviours and understanding their impact on success


Bill’s main motivation lies in the sustained success of the organisation he is assisting.

He enjoys helping to develop behaviours that encourage longevity in entrepreneurship.

According to Bill, it is now more critical than ever to truly understand and be realistic about market dimensions in the resources sector.


Bill is an adapt practitioner, which dovetails nicely with mentoring.

He currently mentors around 6 CEOs and Managing Directors and an additional professional through Austmine.

He finds it rewarding to use his skills and experience to give back to the resources industry.

“The thing about mentoring is it’s bi-directional. You learn something as much as you share something. It is mutually beneficial and a very interesting way to spark ideas”

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