Melding fashion, AI, art and design into a functional form

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Alex from Canaria

“Vivacious and over-the-top”, with “shock-value” and “heels that are too high” are all criticisms that Founding CEO and Head Designer of Canaria Alex Moss has taken on the chin and used to brand herself as a woman who can meld fashion, AI, art and design into a functional form.


Alex pitching Canaria at Unearthed Accelerator Demo Day on 1 December 2017

We had the pleasure of getting to know Alex when Canaria took part in the Unearthed Accelerator program last year and we are delighted to welcome Alex as our second Community Contributor. Over the coming week she will be sharing articles, interviews, videos and other content that is relevant to her work improving the health and safety of the global industrial workforce through Canaria’s predictive vital signs monitoring system.


Alex modelling for Philip Treacy campaign. Photo courtesy of Kurtiss Lloyd



Alex has extensive experience in business management and design. She has been a creative director for ad campaigns for global fashion brands Philip Treacy, Le Roni and Doc Martens, and featured in Italian Vogue for her collaborative projects with photographer Kurtiss Lloyd. Alex was founding editor-in-chief for M2 Magazine and founding CEO of avant guard art dealership and curation company, The Court.

She has a background in Design Psychology from the Courtauld Institute and created the initial concept for Canaria with Dr Robert Finean in 2016 as part of the NASA Space Apps Challenge, where they won Global Best Use of Hardware 2016.

Alex has been profiled by worldwide media outlets including BBC Culture and the Evening Standard for her work on Canaria. A skilled public speaker (winner CSIRO Ribbit ‘Best Pitch Health Informatics 2017’), she’s recently been dubbed one of the ‘Young Space Leaders of the Future’ by the 2018 Global Aerospace Summit in UAE.



Alex Moss speaking at the Aerospace Summit in UAE in April 2018 on the topic of ‘Is the Space Sector the New Entrepreneurial Haven?’ alongside Seraphim Capital CEO Mark Boggett, Mishaal Aerospace CEO Mishaal Ashemimry , BRAQ Aerospace CEO Saeid Alzahrani, & Precious Payload CEO Andrey Maksimov

To find out more about Alex Moss and what drives her, read her profile interview in Electric Lady, a platform that amplifies the strength of women in music, politics, science, sport and beyond:

You can follow the progress of Canaria via Alex's Instagram @alexsorinamoss