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A$1 million prize pool

Your winning model tested in real life

The Problem

Minerals and metals are crucial to the production of everyday products, but valuable deposits are becoming increasingly difficult to find. More resources are needed, but uncovering them is an intensive process. Geologists spend years collecting and analysing disparate data, frequently testing hypotheses, from huge areas of land, often for little or no reward.

The Challenge

Pioneers! Make your mark. Can you discover Australia’s next big mineral deposit? We are inviting innovators to test the limits of data science and geology, and develop new ideas about mineral exploration. To do this, we’re opening up real data from a real exploration project.

The Reward

A$1 million prize pool.
See your winning model tested in real life - the top targets will be drilled in 2019.

  • A$1 million prize pool
  • Your winning model tested in real life
  • The top targets will be drilled in 2019

Calling the next generation of explorers!

Competitors will have access to the project datasets from OZ Minerals' Mount Woods tenement, along with a number of other data tables.

You can process and model the data in any way you like, and predict where mineral occurrences may be hiding.

We believe that the innovative thinking required to crack the Mount Woods dataset could come from any discipline. We encourage multi-disciplinary teams to get together, to develop something truly groundbreaking.

Where is Mount Woods? Mount Woods is located near OZ Minerals’ Prominent Hill mine, in northern South Australia


  • 2018
  • 2019
7 December

Registrations Open


Competition Launch


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Winners announced

Second half of 2019

Drilling top targets


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