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Competitions November 12, 2021

Global crowdsourcing challenge to boost South Australia’s rich critical minerals industry

MEDIA RELEASE, November 3, 2021 – South Australia is on the cusp of a modern day ‘gold rush’ as the state calls upon

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Competitions November 11, 2021

Emission Possible: Unearthing innovative solutions for detecting Methane Emissions

Earlier this year Origin Energy issued Emission Possible; an open call to find new and innovative technologies for detecting and

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Partners April 18, 2021

Hydrogen Technologies in Mining

Authored by Terry Burgess , Co-Chair of the Hydrogen Economy Steering Committee in South Australia, and Guest Facilitator at

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Competitions December 6, 2020

Meet the winners of the OZ Minerals Copa de Cobre Challenge

How did the top teams apply machine learning to develop geological feature maps of Peru? A difficult problem to tackle with a

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Competitions October 21, 2020

Meet the winners of Origin's 'Wells of Knowledge' challenge

This dynamic duo has taken home both award categories in this highly competitive challenge seeking recommendations and insights

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Competitions September 16, 2020

ExploreSA: The Gawler Challenge Winners Announced

ExploreSA: The Gawler Challenge winners announced Source: Media Release from the Department for Energy and Mining, South

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Competitions September 15, 2020

Introducing the Winners of the ExploreSA: Gawler Challenge

Over 2,200 data scientists and geoscientists have competed for months to reveal new economic mineral deposits in South Australia

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Competitions August 25, 2020

Meet the ExploreSA: Gawler Challenge Judging Panel

Meet the team of technical specialists responsible for determining the best of the best Plus, join us for the ExploreSA: Gawler

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Accelerator August 11, 2020

The Human Hurdle to Automation

Mining and energy companies face some of the most significant challenges in driving internal collaboration - particularly when

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Competitions July 14, 2020

Top 25 TV Shows and Movies for Intellectuals

The must-see TV shows and movies for lovers of data science, technology and science fiction "That's not how gravity works!"

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Competitions July 9, 2020

The guiding principles behind an A+ technical report

Set yourself apart with a winning technical report At Unearthed, we're in the business of pairing digital geniuses from around

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Competitions June 16, 2020

What makes a great submission video?

Wow the judges with a polished submission video At Unearthed, we're in the business of pairing digital geniuses from around the

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