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Success Stories May 29, 2018

Preventing human breakdown: how Soter Analytics is capturing and analysing data that treats people like complex machines

Soter Analytics develop wearable health technology for the industrial workforce. The resources tech startup participated in our

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Success Stories May 14, 2018

Understanding by programming: Perth Machine Learning Group

John Vial and Hilary Goh are veteran Unearthed hackathon participants and winners, having taken part in over 10 of our open

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Hackathons April 24, 2018

South Dakota students travel over 10 hours to be BattleBorn

On Friday 9 March 2018, five incredibly keen and talented students from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology embarked

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Hackathons April 20, 2018

The Digital Tribe is one stronger now

Unearthed hosted the second of two Digital Tribes hackathon events in Houston from February 16-23 at Station Houston. Digital

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Hackathons April 17, 2018

Perth's brightest minds unearth a mine of solutions for Nickel West

Over 100 innovators gathered at CORE Innovation Hub over the weekend of 13-15 April 2018 to tackle one of four real operational

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April 15, 2018

Digital Tribes Houston: Leveraging Tech Communities

Earlier this year, Unearthed joined forces with Station Houston , a coworking tech hub in Houston, Texas to put on a global

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Competitions March 9, 2018

Winners savour Hydro Saver crowd solution 'hack'

Newcrest and Unearthed are pleased to announce the winners of ‘Hydro Saver’, the trial (first) challenge of ‘The Newcrest Crowd’

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Hackathons March 1, 2018

Komatsu engages with startups like a well-oiled machine

Fourteen startups comprised of over fifty innovators came together at co-working and tech hub River City Labs from 23 – 25

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Success Stories February 17, 2018

Driving digital innovation in the fourth industrial revolution: InDiMin startup profile

Chilean startup InDiMin arrived in mining technology hub Brisbane, Australia last week to access two unique opportunities

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Partners December 7, 2017

Ready for impact - four tech startups graduate Unearthed Accelerator 2017 at Demo Day

On Friday 1st December 2017, over 120 resources industry executives, METS professionals, government supporters, technology

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Hackathons November 11, 2017

Denver developers take next steps with Barrick after hackathon

In September we returned to the US for our first resources sector hackathon in Denver, Colorado. Over eighty talented developers

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Hackathons November 2, 2017

Conduits of change: how LlamaZOO is connecting the emerging tech and traditional resources economies of British Columbia

2017 marked the first time Unearthed ventured to mining industry mecca Canada, hosting resource sector hackathons in Toronto in

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